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MR PEEL was created in 2008 by Fabien Chiloup as a musical project in collaboration with several musicians from all backgrounds.
Albums and EP are available on differents platforms like Bandcamp. You can find free mixtapes done on differents themes too (Trip Hop & Abstract Hip Hop, Hip Hop & Be Bop, Jazz & Fusion, Love Rhodes & Sun Percussions, Free Beat Revival, Canciones Latinos Session Tape, ...)
Radiophonic mix songs in Germany with The Xtra Chill sessions by Andreas J. Schneider & Die Gäste, Eric Tchaikovsky in Ukraine with Chupa Chups or Sexxxus, Jon Paul Blend Mix Tape in the 6TR UK radio, Life Elsewhere Music USA are available on request.
As well as several compilations like : Take a Trip, Best Of Label Cantroll or Maelström 

Contact & more informations :